One of our former Young People, Jessie, wrote a poem entitled 'I'm just like you'. She came into our care when she was 15-years-old, after fleeing a dysfunctional family home. At first, she struggled with severe clinical depression, anxiety, and self-harming behaviour. It took many months for her to feel safe, initially feeling unsafe and combative in a new environment.

Over time, Jessie shared her history of trauma with her Carer, Pam and they eventually formed a close bond. It wasn't an easy road, and was forged through little gestures like a friendly chat or a warm cup of tea. This was the first adult Jessie had been able to trust.

Jessie enrolled (and completed) a creative writing course, where she wrote the poem that's on the pack of cards that we're sharing with you today. With Lighthouse's support Jessie was able to create a life she loved and always wanted, one free from violence and filled with happiness.... a life we all deserve the opportunity to have.

We're so thankful to Georgia Perry for designing our playing cards, and to Rose Damon who brought Jessie's words to life in the above video.